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Study in Germany

The country known for the beer, Bach and BMWs……..

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has been named the top country overall in US News & World Report's first ever "best countries" report. Germany ranks as the world's "top" country in part because of its strong economy, world influence and its focus on key global issues, such as the migrant crisis and Eurozone unity, the survey said.

A stay in Germany, the heart of central Europe, means living and working in one of the most dynamic, progressive and interesting of European countries. In addition, Germany offers a high standard of living, extensive travel opportunities, world-class cultural events and recreational facilities for everyone both within and outside the country, Germany's central and southern regions have forested hills and mountains cut through by the Danube, Main, and Rhine river valleys. In the north, the landscape flattens out to a wide plain that stretches to the North Sea. Between these extremes, Germany is a country of incredible variety.
Germany today is the world's third largest economy and the economic foundation on which the euro, Europe's common currency, rests. The years ahead are certain to be filled with exciting new challenges, new issues and new opportunities for partnership with the United States as Germany and Europe reshape themselves for the future.

Choosing Germany for study:

 America USA study cost

Germany Education cost

The first point of the costing as imaginable would be tuition fees Most German universities are financed by the state and government & technical courses has to pay a minimal amount of Euro 500-700 per semester. So just a small amount of their money used to come from tuition fees, until now. In the last couple of years students were required to pay tuition fees in some German provinces and the fees would vary depending on the location. The living cost in Germany is approximately € 8500-9000 per year. However for Business programs it could be more than that ranging from 8000 Euro to 15000Euro.

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Timelines & Exams for Germany

The main intake offered by all Universities in Germany is September, Deadlines: from 15th Feb till 31st May. Few universities offer in March, Deadlines: from 15th Nov till Jan Last. Steps you should follow:-

1. First steps: March to April

2. Crack the exams: April to June

3. It’s application time: May to June

4.What next: July to August

5. Visa and money matters: August to September

6. Get ready to fly: September.

Universities and courses in America USA
Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities:  

  1. LMU Munich,
  2. Technical University of Munich,
  3. Heidelberg University,
  4. Humboldt University of Berlin,
  5. RWTH Aachen University,

Popular Courses:  

  1. Dentistry & Medicine,
  2. Law,
  3. Industrial Engineering,
  4. Engineering,
  5. Mathematics & Computer science,
  6. Business & Economics,
  7. Architecture

Entry Requirements / Eligibility


13years of Education is mandatory (12 + 1year from University)
If not then students can go via 1year Foundation Course
10 year Education + 3 year Diploma Ielts - 6.0 overall or Toefl - 80 points (IBT)


15 & 16 year Education with 75% or 2.75 GPA.
Ielts - 6.5 overall or TOEFL - 85points (IBT)


15 & 16 years of Education with Relevant Subjects
Ielts - 6.5 or TOEFL - 85points (IBT)
Work Experience 2 - 3 year at managerial level GMAT - 550
GMAT - 550 (exceptionally required)

Entry requirement for TU9 UNIVERSITY


15 & 16 year Education with 75% or 2.75 GPA.
Ielts - 6.5 overall or Toefl - 85points (IBT)
German language upto 200hrs
GRE - 1300

Document Required

  • 10th onwards all mark sheets, transcripts, consolidated marksheet, provisional & Degree
  • English proficiency test Score card- IELTS or TOEFL
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two Letter of Recommendations (one from university & one from employer-if available)
  • Updated CV with Education years & marks
  • Extra curricular certificates & language certification (German, French etc) if available GMAT & GRE Score cards
  • Passport copy
  • Ten passport size photograph

NOTE:-All academic documents, IELTS-TOEFL & GRE-GMAT & passport-front & back should be Notary Attested.
LOR's should be in sealed Envelope.

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Some salient features of choosing Germany for your study abroad:

  • With over 409 education institutes across the country, German provides each students with the possibility to choose than 14,500 Bachelor and Master degree programs.
  • 11 out of the 15 states in Germany have no tuition fees at all, while some states require a maximum of only 500 euro per year.
  • German universities and their professional academic staff offer high quality and up to date education in engineering, medicine, science and economics.
  • The cost of living on an average is 700-800 euros including rent, food, transport, health insurance, telephone/internet, study materials and leisure activities.
  • There are many scholarship activities offered for international students to fund their studies by DAAD (German academic exchange service) and also many political and business foundations.
  • Many universities offer international courses in English language as well. So knowing German to study in Germany is not necessary, only recommended.
  • International students are allowed to work for 90 full days or 180 half working days in a year in order to support themselves. Typical student wages range from 10-15 euros an hour.
  • Foreign students are allowed to stay a year after education, in the event for looking a job. Germany offers long term working opportunities for successful students.
  • Besides studying, you have the chance to live and explore one of the world’s most developed countries and its unique culture, history and landscape.
  • Whether you will study an international student, enjoy a beer at Oktoberfest, eat a tasty Wurst sausage in Frankfurt or watch a Bayern soccer game, you’ll have an unforgettable experience in Germany.

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