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Next year, Canada has pledged to take in most migrants and refugees in a century …

Canada Welcomes & value prospective immigrants like you and your family. They bring hardworking people into country and reward them with " Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) ". A Canadian PR Card, which is similar to a US Green Card, allows the holder to live anywhere in Canada and work in any job they wish. It is also a gateway to Canadian Citizenship !!!

Canada Express Entry Program 2015 -  

Does anyone looking for Immigrate to Canada? This is very good news for who are waiting for Canada Immigration: The Government of Canada has officially rolled out Express Entry System in January 2015 to ease the immigration policies to attract the migrant communities; it is an electronic system through which immigration authorities can manage applications for Permanent Residence the economic immigration programs. It comes under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Canada Express Entry Visa –  

know about Canada's Express Entry immigration selection process for potential Canadian immigration candidates and for Canadian employers interested in hiring internationally.

Immigrants who are interested in migrating to Canada needs to complete the profile through Express Entry System, it is the first step that the immigrants needs to complete for the enrolment and it can be performed anytime. There are no limitations on the number of applicants that will be accepted to the Express Entry pool.

Applicants who are selected under the Express Entry pool will get an invitation option to apply for the Permanent Residence, many rounds of invitation offers will be sent regularly over the course of each year. The immigrant authorities will only select the top ranking candidates, it clearly indicates the candidates with required skills is on the top list the government no matter when they were selected under the express entry pool.

" Processing times to receive your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa under Express Entry are quoted as low as 6 months !!! "

Requirements through which candidates are selected under Express Entry System:

  1. Must have English/ French language skills
  2. Education and
  3. Work experience


The main objective of this economic immigration programs is to contribute to economy of the country, skilled worker who have settled in Canada on permanent basis are a potential human resources for the Canadian labour market. Applicants who have successfully cleared the skilled worker programs will receive a Canadian Immigration visa.

There are several options can be considered for skilled worker of professional, they can either opt for federal program or if they know which province in which they are planning to reside. Considering these options candidates can select their provincial program.

Almost all of Canada's provinces and territories can nominate people to immigrate to Canada. These people have the skills, education and work experience they need to contribute to the economy of that province or territory.

Candidates who clear the requirement of one of the federal immigration programs will be accepted into a pool of candidates. Candidates who do not have job offer can be supported by Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) (If necessary) or should be nominated under the province or territory, must enroll with Canada's Employment and Social Development Agency for job opportunities. It will help connect the Express Entry candidates with suitable employers in Canada.

Express Entry Profile :

  1. Candidates must submit their profile online through Express Entry
  2. Prior to this candidates were selected on the basis of first come, first serve basis. But now the candidates were selected on ranking basis those meet the requirements federal economic immigration will be selected into the express entry pool
  3. They will be assessed according to a skills based ranking system that looks at:
    o   Language proficiency skills
    o   Academic qualification
    o   Canadian work experience
    o   Other factors that lead to success in Canada (e.g. provincial/territorial trade certificate)

Invitations to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident (ITA) :

Candidates invited to apply for Permanent Residence need to produce authentic documents to the immigration authorities, there should not be any inconsistencies with information provided for express entry profile and application. If the authorities found difference with the information process of the application will be rejected and they will be barred for five years from applying for permanent resident status.

Enclose documents to prove your application Permanent Residence :

After receiving invitation from the authority Permanent Residence, candidates will have 60 days to submit their application, having authentic documents ready will make it easier to apply within the 60 days.After receiving invitation from the authority Permanent Residence, candidates will have 60 days to submit their application, having authentic documents ready will make it easier to apply within the 60 days.

Language Proficiency Test :

In order to clear the immigration process the candidates must prove their skills by enrolling in a language test, the agencies should be approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and pay the cost. After taking the test candidates must enclose the photocopy of the test result sheet. The original test result sheet will be asked in the later stages, candidates can prove the language skill test in French or English.

Police Certificate :

The candidates must undergo police checks in order clear all the immigration process, it is a mandatory procedure for all the immigrants. Police certificate demonstrate that the candidates does not have any criminal record.

How Does It Work ?

In brief, applicants submit an Expression of Interest form to IRCC summarizing their skills and credentials. Following submission, applicants are entered into a pool of individuals with similar career backgrounds. Whether you rank higher or lower in your pool will completely depend on how you present your initial application.
The highest ranking candidates will periodically be pulled from the pool and invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Canadian Employers :

One of the more interesting aspects of the Express Entry system is the role that Canadian employers can now play in the immigration process. Part of the new Express Entry system asks that you create a profile on Government of Canada’s official Job Bank database. This allows employers, who cannot find a suitable Canadian to fill a position, the ability recruit an individual from the pool of prospective applicants waiting to immigrate to Canada. If a Canadian employer offers you a job, it can increase your rank in the Express Entry pool, increasing your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence. In this way, the Canadian employer is sponsoring your application and therefore your file could be fast tracked through the system. That said, if the employer wants you here sooner they can apply for a dual intent work permit and also sponsor your application for Canadian Permanent Residence. A Labour Market Impact Assessment will need to be done if they wish to sponsor you for permanent residence regardless of whether or not they are also applying for a Canadian Work Permit to get you here faster.

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